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Las Vegas Electric Billboard Truck Project

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THE BLOG has been a revolutionary electric vehicle activist for profit company since 1998. 
We have been advocating the transportation system switch to electric since 1973. Las Vegas Boulevard aka The Strip is one of the most congested roadways in America having over 30 million tourists visit every year. Since living in Las Vegas I've noticed that a lot of sick people come here for their last hurrah* and there are cancer and heart and lung disease epidemics in the world today. The World Health Organization determined that diesel emissions cause cancer.

 Something you will notice when you drive or walk down the strip are these diesel billboard trucks advertising shows, celebrities, strip clubs, casinos, restaurants, products of all kinds and also you will notice the dank air and stink of diesel fuel burning. We realize that the world's economy runs on diesel trucks and they are a must on the open highways for the long haul but for service trucks in heavily populated areas clean efficient electric trucks are healthier and more economical.

We want to put electric billboard trucks and an EV service station on the strip to show off new electric vehicle technology.

This will prove that for this application and many others EVs are superior for not only the environment but the economy. So if you are looking to advertise we can do it cleaner for the environment and better for your budget. We are asking for enough money to purchase two electric trucks, a facility to service them , hiring service personel, drivers and licensing.

Real-estate on the south end of the strip is prime but there would never be a better time to invest then now and we want to get a foot hold on it now in order to open a service station with amenities for customers, our electric trucks and electric vehicles coming into Las Vegas by way of Los Angeles. I have found several parcels that we can aquire for around $?. The title shall be deeded to Electric Auto Advertising Corporation and its board of directors.

The two electric trucks we  are considering are manufactured in LA by the Boulder Electric Truck Co. The 500 series model cost $142,000 a piece. They would have to be customized with the billboard sign on the back. Then we will have to install charging stations and do renovations. We will also need capital to get the business up and running until we create a cash flow. 

This sounds expensive for a truck but an MIT study showing that electric vehicles are not just environmentally friendly, but also have an economic upside for many kinds of businesses. The study, conducted by researchers at MIT’s Center for Transportation and Logistics (CTL), finds that electric vehicles when used on an everyday route can cost 9 to 12 percent less to operate  and maintaned over a trucks life span than trucks powered by diesel engines, We feel that this is a very conservitive estimate.
This business will require some corporate patronige. We hope companies calling themselves environmentally concerned will want to step-up and invest. We will be accounting for every nickel. 

I figure some companies will rather trade product for shares and if this brings down the bottom line to enable us to get our work horses on the road faster then we are willing to negociate. Bring on the offers.

As we have just started this campaign and  have no idea what response will be, I'm sure there will be many alterations to the business plan before we meet our goal. 

There is more to this plan then most people will recognize, but those who recognize it's value and have the means to make it successful will step-up and take control.

Jon Hallquist

Grassroots Electric Vehicles founder 1998